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Proper maintenance is key to keeping your Toyota in top shape and ensuring its longevity. By following a regular maintenance schedule and addressing any issues promptly, you can maximize the performance and reliability of your Toyota while minimizing the repairs it needs. When you need repairs or maintenance for your Toyota, come to Francen & Son, where some of the services we offer include:

Toyota Maintenance

Your Toyota requires regular oil changes for a healthy engine. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, which typically range between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. In addition to oil changes, regular;y checking the other vital fluids in your Toyota is important. Those fluids include coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Proper fluid levels and quality are essential for the efficient operation of your Toyota’s systems.

Tire maintenance is another crucial aspect of Toyota care. Regularly checking tire pressure and tread and ensuring they are at the recommended levels is important for safety, optimal fuel efficiency, and tire longevity.

Common Toyota Repairs

One common issue in Toyotas is the failure of the mass airflow sensor (MAF sensor). The MAF sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine to ensure the correct fuel-to-air ratio. If you notice symptoms such as rough idle, hesitation during acceleration, or decreased power, it is advisable to have the MAF sensor inspected and replaced if necessary.

Another common repair for Toyotas is related to the ignition coils. Faulty ignition coils can cause misfires, rough running, and poor fuel economy. Ignoring these issues can lead to more severe engine problems over time. If you experience symptoms such as engine misfires, loss of power, or a significant drop in fuel efficiency, it is recommended to have the ignition coils checked and replaced if needed.

Toyota Repair and Maintenance at Francen & Son

At Francen & Son, we take the care of your Toyota seriously. Our team of expertly-trained technicians are ASE-certified, ensuring your vehicle is in the most capable hands. Not only do we offer quality service, but we also provide convenience to our customers with loaner cars available for use. And while we work on your vehicle, we invite you to relax in our comfortable waiting room, complete with free wifi and coffee. We are proud to offer these services and amenities to drivers in and around:


Crystal Lake



Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just immediate service, as we offer a 12 month/ 12,000 mile warranty on all work performed. Trust us with your Toyota and experience the Francen & Son difference.

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