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At Francen & Sons, we understand the precision and care required for the maintenance of European and Japanese vehicles. Our specialized services in suspension repair are tailored for an array of top-tier Euro and Japanese brands, ensuring that your vehicle receives the expert attention it deserves.

Common Signs of Suspension Issues

  • Rough Ride: Feeling every bump in the road more than usual, suggesting the shocks or struts might be worn out.
  • Drifting or Pulling During Turns: If the vehicle drifts or pulls to one side while turning, it may indicate a problem with the suspension system.
  • Dips or “Nose Dives” When Stopping: A sensation of the car lurching forward and downward nose-first when the brakes are applied firmly.
  • Uneven Tire Treads: If you notice uneven wear on your tires, it could be due to a misaligned suspension.
  • Oily or Greasy Shocks: If the shock absorbers look greasy or oily, there might be a leak in them.
  • Difficulty Steering: If steering feels more challenging, especially at low speeds, it could be a suspension issue.

Customer Convenience at Its Best

We recognize the challenges of being without your vehicle. To minimize disruption to your daily routine, Francen & Sons offers:

  • Free Loaner Cars: Keep moving while your car is in our care.
  • Complimentary Coffee & Wi-Fi Access: Enjoy these comforts in our waiting area.
  • Local Shuttle Service: We’ll get you where you need to be in the local area.
  • Bosch Credit Card Facility: Manage your payments with ease and convenience.


Peace of Mind with Every Service

  • 12,000 Mile/12-Month Warranty: With a warranty like this, you can trust in us to stand behind our work.
  • ASE Certified Technicians: Our technicians are the best in the business, and they have the certification to prove it.

Serving Algonquin and Beyond

Located in the heart of Algonquin, IL, we proudly extend our services to residents of surrounding areas, including:


Crystal Lake


Visit Francen & Sons for Suspension Repair That You Can Trust

At Francen & Sons, we want the best for your car, so we offer the best in both craftsmanship and customer service. When your car’s suspension starts giving you a bumpy ride, book an appointment to get your vehicle back to the smooth ride you deserve.

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