Learn More About Spring Check-up

How does a spring check-up work?

A spring check-up is a good way to keep your vehicle running efficiently. It is essential maintenance to get your vehicle ready for the hot summer months, especially after a long winter. Your engine’s battery should be one of the first things checked. Your battery has to work especially hard during the cold winter months. Test your battery’s power and replace it if it’s not up to specifications, especially if it’s more than three years old. You should also have your tires checked. If you use snow tires for the winter, now is the time to remove them and replace them with your summer tires. You should check the tread depth on your tires to make sure they aren’t too worn. Your tire pressure should also be checked. Under-inflated tires can reduce your gas mileage as well as make driving dangerous.Winter driving can affect your vehicle. Your braking system should be checked, including your brake lines, hoses, and fluid. Your engine’s belts and hoses should be checked, and if any of them are worn or damaged, they should be replaced. Harsh winters can also damage road surfaces. It is important to have your vehicle’s suspension checked. There may be more potholes and bumps in the road after a long winter; so, your shocks and struts must be in good condition. There are several other things that need to be inspected, including the following: the starting and charging system, on-board computer system, antifreeze and coolant levels, air conditioning system, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering system/fluid, windshield wiper blades/wiper fluid, and air filter. This is also a good time to give your vehicle a good cleaning. The salt used to keep roads from freezing can do much damage to your vehicle; it can lead to early rusting.

Why do you need to perform a spring check-up?

Winter driving can damage your vehicle. A spring check-up is necessary to keep your vehicle running efficiently and to prepare it for the hot summer months. A spring check-up can catch any problems in your vehicle or your engine before they get too serious. This preventive maintenance can save you much money in the long run.

When do you need to perform a spring check-up?

A spring check-up should be performed at the beginning of spring. The earlier you can have your vehicle inspected the better. After your vehicle is inspected, it will be ready for summer driving.

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