Learn More About Battery Replacement

What is a Battery

Car batteries are responsible for sending the electric current necessary to start your vehicle. Batteries are also responsible for powering your vehicle’s electrical parts when the vehicle is shut off. This includes powering the stereo and interior/exterior lights.

Why Should You a Replace a Battery?

If your battery ever dies, the engine will never be able to start and your vehicle will be inoperable. It is also important to watch how long and how often you use your battery’s power when the vehicle is off. Overusing the power will drain the battery and can reduce the battery’s life or kill it.

When should you replace a battery?

 If you turn your key in the ignition and nothing happens (your engine won’t start), you have a problem with your battery or your starting system. It will be necessary to have your vehicle jumped and taken to a repair shop to have the battery checked. If the battery is weak, you will need to have it replaced. Another way to ensure your battery is good is to have it checked every 3 months or 3,000 miles, basically whenever you have your oil changed.

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